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Shanghai Office

Building 11, Xing Guo Hotel, 

78 Xing Guo Road,Chang Ning District, Shanghai

Tel:  +86 21 6212 3000

Fax:  +86 21 6212 3900

Beijing Office

Room 1601, floor 16, building D, Greenland center,

Hongtai East Street, Chaoyang District,Beijing

Tel:  +86 10 6528 8289

Fax:  +86 10 6528 0062

Xinjiang Office

Room 15A-H, Block D Times Square, 16 Hong Shan Road,

Tian Shan District, Urumqi

Tel:  +86 991 2688353

Fax:  +86 991 2688315

Shenzhen Office

Room 314, production, education and Research Building, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, No. 9, Yuexing, 

Nan Shan District, Shenzhen

Tel:  +86 755 2267 367

Hong Kong Office

Room 3406, 34 / F, Yihe building, 

No.1 Kangle square, Central,Hong Kong

Tel:  +852 2360-2798

Fax:  +852 2360-2799

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